A new book on Kinect by Abhijit Jana - A must read

Kinect is one of the revolutionary device that were introduced lately in Microsoft ecosystem. The use of Kinect devices has increased in great extend in recent times and people are using it more and more in their day to day life. The use of Kinect is not only limited only with the gaming world, but its use is now widely spread over commercial applications too. Microsoft has released the Kinect SDK that can interact with the hardware and program on them. It is a kind of Fun working with Kinect and also writing small applications for it.

Recently I have read a book on "Kinect for Windows SDK Programming Guide" by Abhijit Jana. It is a book with great details about Kinect SDK and the Hardware. I enjoyed reading this book and thought of sharing my experiences with you such that if you are new in Kinect and want to write code on it, you might find this review helpful.

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Author's new book

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