Hi Guys,

You might came across to the page to see my achievements. As I love to share my knowledge to all of you, I have got few awards in return as well. Lets talk about them one by one.

 Codeproject MVP (Most Valuable Professional) For year 2010


DotnetFunda MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for year 2010

Other than these, I have got a lots of awards and Recognition from all around. 
  1. CodeProject Associate
  2. "Article of the Day" for lots of articles in (Official Website of Microsoft)
  3. "Article of the Day" for lots of articles in ASP.NET ( Official Website of Microsoft)
  4. Winner of the Month for a lots of articles in
  5. Winner of the Month for the best article in
  6. Winner in Yearly competition of 
 Other than these, I have received lots of appreciation, love from all of my followers. Thank you all for giving me these awards and also want you to stay in touch with me whenever possible.
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