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Hi Guys,

In this page you will find all the questions that you want to know from me or you want me to answer for me. As time goes on, I get a lot of queries from people all around the globe who wants to know something from me or want to share something to me, asked me very similar questions often. You will find those questions answered here just for you.  Find out if your question is there in the list.

1. How many years of Experience do you have ? 

Well, to be precise, I have experience of just over 3 years as a developer, but I am with .NET from before that when I was giving tuition to people from my home from early days. So I started loving .NET from 2002 when Visual Studio just launched and used to love this from my heart. Recently I love doing architectural stuffs in C# the language I like the most.

2. What is your Area of Expertize ? 

My job needs me to work in most of the portion of .NET. I have worked in ASP.NET, WPF, WCF, Compact Environment, CRM etc. I know languages from C#, VB.NET, Sql server, Javascript etc. But recently I am involved actively in WPF and WCF and also do architecture and framework design on C# for my company.  I am comfortable in any of the .NET technologies.

3. Why I work for BuildFusion Inc. ?

First of all, BuildFusion being a small sized company have great potential in it. It is a product based company with home production of a wonderful software MICA. It has support in wide range of technologies starting from J2ME mobile apps, windows compact environment, Andriods, IPhone, Tablet PC App, ASP.NET Website etc. I like to research for my team, so I am happy with my company.
Also to add, Probably this is my first company.

4. How to get in touch with you? 

To get in touch with me, I would recommend you to follow my blog, probably you can subscribe to my blog or you can use Forum section to post your queries. You can also mail me at, I will answer your question whenever I find time.  You can also follow me in twitter @abhi2434 to get regular updates from me.

5. What do you do during leisure? 

During my leisure, I generally spend time in reading Technical Blogs, trying sample application for myself, answer in technical forums like CodeProject, DotnetFunda, StackOverflow etc. I am also fond of music, which I sometimes hear for a change.

Thank you for reading my FAQ. I will continue to add things on it as time progresses. You can also comment on FAQ if you wish.

Keep in touch.

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ram kumar said...

how to use prograssor in c#

ram kumar said...

how to use prograssor in c#

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