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I am currently the VP of InSync Solutions. I have worked on wide set of Microsoft Technologies for more than 12 years with expertise in C#, XAML, ASP.NET, Javascript etc. I have worked in architecture and frameworks of various projects following industry standard Design / Architectural patterns. I like to spend time designing best patterns and practices of applications. Some of the patterns that I have used in recent projects are MVVM, MVP, MVC, Prism, MEF etc.

I have been awarded as Microsoft MVP in Client App Dev in 2011, which focus mainly on WPF, Windows Applications and other related technologies. But if you ask me, I am not actually restricted to it. I like to work on new releases. I have been trying out Windows 8 Metro applications, Windows 7 Phone Mango release, Visual Studio 2011 IDE, Roslyn (Compiler as Service) CTP release and various other projects recently. I am a quick learner and love to move with the technology.

I am also a public speaker. I have taken lot of speaking recently in my native and has been an active participant for my User Group in Kolkata. I share my expertise in various means of online and offline activities. I have spoken on Microsoft Community Tech Days, Microsoft Mondays, Tech Ed on Road, Developer Conference and various other events. I have also participated on online Webcasts /screen casts etc.

I am an active blogger. I write at www.abhisheksur.com, which has hits around 1500 per day (unique visitors). I write on technology here. I like to share my knowledge about technology and my perception of understanding in my blog. I am also a panel member of the site www.dailydotnettips.com. I have more than 70 short tips on the site.

I am also an MVP in Codeproject and Dotnetfunda. I have written numerous articles in both of these sites and has been active participant of it.

I use Forums often, to answer queries from developers. The most used forums are from Codeproject, Dotnetfunda, Stackoverflow or msdn forums. I participate when I find time and gave lot of solutions.

I am a native of Kolkata, working in the same place. I act as a key player for architecting, design and develop of our product. Initially I have worked on ASP.NET, but gradually my domain shifted to mobile devices and then Windows applications. I like to research, and taken up long research works. I have learned new languages like Object C, Python etc. Been quite a while working on IPhone devices. I take everything as challenge and do whatever best I can do.

If you want to know more, read my interview taken by industry leader Shivprasad Koirala.

I started my carrier as a normal graduate. Believe me, I have been a mediocre student all my carrier.  But the extent of love and passion about technology has driven me so far that after I took Computers as my primary, my carrier changed its way completely. I used to love writing code even before my graduation. I dreamt  of becoming an expert in technology. I did my Graduation in Economics. And finally took Computers as my major in MCA (Masters of Computer Application).

Lets list few programs that I did before doing any degree in Computers.
  1. KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati)  - During my early days I have made lots of projects in C. But most importantly, the one that I want to add on is the Kaun Banega Crorepati Game. Its an interesting game after its popularity in Star Plus, where the host asks for a set of 15 questions where each question earns you some amount of money. I have made one game that is very similar to this using C. 
  2. DOS-Paint - A mouse program that can draw freehand drawing over the console window. I have made this program to save the image created to a .PIX file which holds pixel information over a file using C. 
  3. The Quizzing Game - This program is almost similar to the one KBC. I have fixed some of the concepts that went wrong with KBC and made the all new Game using C++. It uses file handling for its questions, so that once you added questions it would be available forever. Also it has two parts, one for Maintenance and another for Playing. The maintenance part is restricted with password. Once you get into it, you can add, alter or delete question from the four sets of questions available. 
  4. Library Management System -This is another program to implement Library Management System using VB.NET and Oracle. Well, this is the preliminary program that inputs data to the database and also shows reports on them. Check out more from here.
 Really If you find some funny code here, don't laugh. Those are written without much depth in technology, and I think you will love the output at least.

For a couple of years, I have also given training to people in CMC Limited before I start my carrier as a developer. I get regular appreciation on my work and gradually transformed to what you see me today.

I wrote a huge number of articles on various problems, and technologies. Follow me in Twitter @abhi2434, or Facebook. Subscribe to my favorite tweets. You will find lots of interesting micro - blogs there too.

You can also connect me to linked in or directly main me contact@abhisheksur.com.

I would like to use Forum to ask me questions regarding any technical queries. I will answer at the earliest.

I hope you would love to get in touch with me.

Thank you.

My Profile

Abhishek Sur

My Awards

1. Microsoft MVP for Client App Dev 2011

2.  Code Project MVP for 2010, 2011

3. DotnetFunda MVP 2010

4. Best Blogger

5. Winner of Best Member in Forum Section for December 09 From DotNetFunda

6. Runner up of Best Member in Forum Section for January 2010 From DotNetFunda

7. Best VB.NET Article for August 2008

I feel proud to be a Microsoft and CodeProject MVP :

I got lots of prizes other than this, which I did not mention. If you want to get in touch with me, feel free to write me at contact@abhisheksur.com

Happy Programming
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Anonymous said...

Good work!

Zakeer said...

Know about my skills. check this link..............not working properly..........kindly change this link.............

sud007 said...

Abhishek Sir
i am student of AVIT,chennai college,MCA final year and i ned your help in my mini project .
My mini project is LOCK,UNLOCK and HIDE,UNHIDE the system Drive in C# .
Please help me


plz contect me muje thody help chahiye agar aap ke pass thoda sa time ho to plz call me sir my mobile no. 09998164935 my email id - metastock.master@yahoo.in

Abhishek De said...

Sir, i really appreciate your way of learning and passion for tech. I'm undergoing graduation as a B.Tech in CSE at Kolkata. I attended your seminar of Microsoft DreamSpark Yatra at Jadavpur University..From then on I have loved C# and currently i'm pursuing my ASP.NET learning. Need a little bit help from you regarding where can i do my training on .NET platform? In Kolkata.

Abhishek Sur said...

Great t see you Abhishek De. The best way to learn .NET is from web. You can try some books, but the tranings going on in kolkata are totally crap. People learn nothing rather get ideas about tooling with Brainware, CMC, NIIT etc.

Do not go for them rather learn your own. Its best way. Drop me a mail when you face problems at contact@abhisheksur.com. I will help you out.

Unknown said...

It is always wise to go for an experienced professional outfit rather than a newbie. As for any professional developer, it needs many years of experience to successfully complete any complex project on the dotnet platform.

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Gimoy Linton said...

As a ASP.NET Developers trying to get Microsoft MVP certificate which is helpful for my career as well as for reputation.

Anonymous said...

nice to know about you sir

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