People I Admire

There are quite a few people I admire in my life.  I will name only those who are related to my career. Few peoples I know are good friends, while others I took help from. Here are few :

John Skeet, MVP

John is another important person admired by most of us. He is an Icon to me. He works for Google and is a masterpiece in C# and all microsoft and non-microsoft languages. I always follow him,  and like the way he represents C# as a langauge. He is one of the Most Valuable Person I admire.

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Scott Hanselman

Another great person and perhaps my Idol is Scott. I always follow his blogs and posts. I like his writing. He is the Principal Program Manager of Microsoft. Under his lead the current ASP.NET MVC is produced. He is one of the person I like and also I admire.

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Abhishek Kant, Country Manager (Telerik) & My Former MVP Lead

Even though we share the same name :)... I am really lucky to get in touch with people like Abhishek Kant. He is a great admiration to me. He is passionate about community and the most helpful person I ever met. I have learnt a lot from him and still learning. He was my MVP Lead and now joined Telerik as Country Manager. He is one of my greatest admiration.

 He is tweeting @abhishekkant

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Sacha Barbar, MVP (MS + CP)

The next person, I would like to draw your attention is Sacha Barbar. He is the lord of Internet. Nothing is new to him. He is Microsoft C# MVP. I like to read his articles and admire the most. If I could get a chance, I would surely like to be one like him. His area of excellence is WPF, LINQ etc. But I definitely like to read anything he is up to. 

In his personal life, he is going to be a Dad soon. I wish him well in his life.
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Ranjit Chakraborty, IT Architect

Ranjit Da, as we call him always by this name, is one of the finest people I ever met in my life. He is a great person, with lots of potential, sharp skills on language and technology. He handled almost all the technologies that are there with us starting from ASP.NET Web Sites, Web services, Windows Clients, Thinkpad, Java Phones, Androids even with latest Technologies like WPF, WorkFlows etc.  He is calm and always helps us when I need him. I like him very much, and I am sure, if you get a chance he would be the best person for you, he would be the one. He is a true hero in Technology. He is one of the person I admire the most. 

I leaned a lot from him, from the start on how to code to what I am now. Thank you Ranjit Da for being such nice to me and all....... 

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Josh Smith, MVP

Even though I don't have personal contact with Josh, he is also in my admirer's list for a long time. I like to read articles and tutorials of him. I have learned a lots from him. I would say he is one of the best WPF creature the earth have. His recent book on MVVM architecture is one of the most popular books in WPF nowadays.

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