Advanced Usage of Grouping in CollectionView with ItemsPresenter

CollectionView is an object that we generally use while dealing with a collection in WPF. It is an object structure that supports a collection as well some of the inherent features which a user might always need while dealing with a collection. Some of the features like Sorting, Grouping, Filtering are automatically implemented in a CollectionView.  I have written one article on how to deal with CollectionView way back in Aug 2010 which explains almost everything you need to do while dealing with collection in WPF. But it does not give the entire story.

Controls that can show a Collection in WPF is somehow derived from ItemsPresenter. The ItemsPresenter has a property called ItemsSource which takes an object of ICollectionView, and hence it is one of the important interfaces considered so far.

There are some advanced scenarios where the general Grouping or sorting does not makes sense. Here in this article I am going to deal with such advanced scenarios which might be worth mentioning.

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Windows Phone 7.5 and F# - A book in the market

Hi Friends,

I am excited to announce that one of my friend cum MVP (Lohith) has written a pretty nice book on Windows Phone 7.5 using F# recently. I have given an honor to read the book from PacktPub and wanted to write a review of the same today.

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Want a copy of Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 Expert Cookbook for free in simple steps?

Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 Expert Development cookbook is your ready-made reference to all the problems we face while working with Visual Studio and .NET 4.5. It gives you explicit references to some of the interesting topics that as a developer you always wanted to master or want to collect and store securely so that it is available to you just the time when needed. It has been my honor to put up such important things into one book and make you understand development better. 

To give you some instances : 

  • Internals of .NET Memory Management and Garbage Collection Techniques.
  • Solution to 10 common mistakes made by developers while writing code
  • Securing code from reverse engineering using Obfuscation
  • Writing Multi-threaded application more quickly and easily.
  • Working with Performance boosters in ASP.NET Web Applications. 
  • HTML5 and CSS3 
  • Write enhanced application in MVVM model.
  • Building Applications using WinJS and XAML in Windows 8
  • Enable Push notification to update Tiles, Toast, Batch notifications of your Windows 8 Applications
  • And many more like this ... 
I am overwhelmed to receive great responses for my articles on "Internals of .NET"  on my blog but I wrote this book in such a way so that you can take most out of the under the hood items of Language and CLR and use those skills while writing or architecting your own application.  This is reference book only for developers and experts with more emphasis given on practicals rather than the theory.  To know more about the book you can go to the publisher site using this link . Moreover, I remember of putting up a draft about the book as well on my blog  which you can try for more knowledge.  

I want to win a free copy!

As you know I am very much active in the community and love to share my knowledge with the .NET community, it is my pleasure to announce that you can win a copy of this book for free. There are 3 copies of the book to be won from here. All you have to do is : 
  1. Leave a comment down below with the reason why you should be the lucky winner. Write on the topic "why you would like to win this book".
  2. Share this post on Facebook and Twitter with a mention to @abhi2434  (my twitter handle) so that I can have a count on them, the more is the count, the more will be your chances.
  3. Like us on Facebook  to get more updates on the book.
The best motivation wins and the winner will be notified through email. So be sure to leave any reference of your contact (like facebook url, twitter or anything you feel safe, so that we can contact you). 
Thats it ... Good Luck to you all !!!.
The Contest ends on 1st June 2013 ( 6 AM PST) and winners will be contacted and published within 3 days from that. 
So hurry up!! Don't miss the opportunity.
Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 Expert Development Cookbook

What else to win from the same contest? 

Well, as a matter of fact, we have decided to give away some additional things with the Book. Here is some of the additional gifts that we are going to provide to the winners. 
  1. One T-Shirt for every winner
  2. One USB Flash drive.
  3. One big poster with .NET architecture printed for reference.
  4. One Pen + Pad which suits your desktop.
  5. 1 free license to either .NET Reflector, SmartAssembly or ANTS Memory Profiler from 

So Hurry !!! Don't miss this opportunity. 

Who is this book for ? 

This book is aimed at Visual Studio 2012 and .Net developers who want to gain advanced understanding and sharpen their existing skill sets and adapt to new .NET technologies. Basic understanding of .NET and C# is assumed. The purpose of this book is to give under the hood expertise in .NET and help you to face common problems on latest technologies.
Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 Expert Development Cookbook  is a step-by-step tutorial providing Visual Studio 2012 and .Net developers with useful techniques to develop the latest .NET technologies using Visual Studio 2012.
This book covers all the essential areas of Visual Studio 2012 IDE and delves into step-by-step instructions that highlights various techniques to build, design, asynchronous better multithreaded applications using recent updates on .NET 4.5 and learn better ways to create secure ASP.NET web based applications in .NET 4.5 using JQuery and HTML5.

I can't wait and want to buy a copy now !

Well, thank you so much for your support. Below are the links that would help you buy this book.
You can also try Ebook version in PDF, Mobi, EPub formats.  Thank you. 
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.NET Book : Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 Expert Development Cookbook (Must Read)


It is my great honor to tell you that my book has finally been released this week. If you have ever liked any of my blogs or internals, you would like this book for sure. There are lot of things to learn from the book and I can assure you that you wont be upset with this book if you buy it.

The "Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5 Expert Development Cookbook" is a book that guides you through steps to ensure you enrich the best experience with the latest technology in the best amount of time possible. The book focusses to give you under the hood expertise in .NET technologies it tends to cover and adapts you the best to face common problems of these technologies. The book is divided in forms of recipes. Each of these recipes gives you clear insight of the problem and step by step process to solve the issue practically. It also addresses the advanced features associated with each of those recipes that gives you additional advantage on getting precise knowledge about the problem and its associated issues.

What you will learn from this book

  • Basic usage of Visual Studio 2012 IDE and its various components and better utilization of the tool while writing code
  • Understand memory management techniques to build better applications
  • Understand the .NET infrastructure with in-depth analysis of its internals
  • Architect solutions that leverage the full power of .NET language gems, understanding when to use what
  • Implement multithreaded / asynchronous applications using recent updates on .NET 4.5 and compare the past approaches
  • Create secure ASP.NET web based applications in .NET 4.5 with use of JQuery and HTML5 for rapid application development
  • Architect advanced .NET client applications using MVVM with WPF 4.5
  • Understand touch sensitive devices and leverage skills to develop multi-touch applications inside Windows 8

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A new book on Kinect by Abhijit Jana - A must read

Kinect is one of the revolutionary device that were introduced lately in Microsoft ecosystem. The use of Kinect devices has increased in great extend in recent times and people are using it more and more in their day to day life. The use of Kinect is not only limited only with the gaming world, but its use is now widely spread over commercial applications too. Microsoft has released the Kinect SDK that can interact with the hardware and program on them. It is a kind of Fun working with Kinect and also writing small applications for it.

Recently I have read a book on "Kinect for Windows SDK Programming Guide" by Abhijit Jana. It is a book with great details about Kinect SDK and the Hardware. I enjoyed reading this book and thought of sharing my experiences with you such that if you are new in Kinect and want to write code on it, you might find this review helpful.

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Author's new book

Abhishek authored one of the best selling book of .NET. It covers ASP.NET, WPF, Windows 8, Threading, Memory Management, Internals, Visual Studio, HTML5, JQuery and many more...
Grab it now !!!