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DotNetFunda being not as much popular as Codeproject is another place where I have shared most of my resources recently. I hope you will like articles I post in dotnefunda as well, as you do for other sites.

Build Your Talking Application

Build application which will send messages by saying. Here is the way to invoke talking messages from the application using pure .NET. Check out the article to find more.

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Resolution Independent UI

User Interfaces changes with Resolution. It is very hard to design an application that looks the same in all client resolution. Here is a fix which enables you to fix Resolution related issues for your WPF application.

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Understanding the Converter in DataBinding

DataBinding is one of the most important feature of WPF programming. While working with Databound applications, sometimes we need to change the value of one object a bit to suit our UI. Binding introduces Converters which converts data using custom block of code. In this article I have discussed how you can implement your own Converter to change data.

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WPF 4.0 : Change SelectionBrush and Caret Color

The article describes how you could change SelectionBrush or Carat color. This is actually introduced in WPF 4.0 where you can even change the color of SelectionBrush. Check the article to find more.

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Simplest Way to Implement Multilingual WPF Application

In this article, I have introduced how you can create Multi-Lingual Applications in WPF using ResourceDictionary. I think this is the easiest technique to build a solid multilingual application in WPF. I hope you would like this.

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Asynchronous Method Invocation

While we create application, Threads are the primary building block. Delegates allows you to invoke methods asynchronously. In this article I have introduced how easily you can invoke a method using Delegates.

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ASP.NET 4.0 Features : Page RedirectParmanent

Search Engine Optimization is one of the primary concern for people creating business websites. There are times when you want a page that is already listed in Search Engines to redirect to another location. ASP.NET adds a new feature to enhance this facility by enabling RedirectParmanent which will update the SEO entry to take the redirection and update its database.

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