Another Couple of Articles Published

To all my followers. It is nice to see my articles again being selected to again. This time 2 article for me. I am really thankful to the entire team of DotNetFunda.Com, for the honor.

The Articles which are selected :

1. WPF 4.0 : Change SelectionBrush and Carat Color

This article Describes the new addition to SelectionBrush property and allows you to customize it for your own application. The Carat color can also be modified just by disabling the Background color of TextBox and changing color then.

You can find the detailed description of these two properties introduced with WPF 4.0 with Sample Application to try.


2. Understanding the Converter in DataBinding

The second article is regarding the Converter, which allows you to manipulate data of already bound properties just before it actually applies to it. Thus this might be used to change/increase/ decrease value of the actual bound property to have a customize DataBinding. Converters are created using IConverter interface, which allows you to pass value of the bound object with CoverterParameter. The return value of the interface will be set to the bound object.

See in this article I have described how you can easily change the value of Brush, TextSize, Border Size using simple demo applications. You can try out that to see the use.


Thank you for reading.
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