ASP.NET Page Life Cycle Video

Hi Guys,

It is a good experience to put forward an online session on ASP.NET page life cycle. It is my first session, so it might seem to you like professional.

The Session includes how the basics on ASP.NET, how request comes to the server, how IIS receives the request and finds appropriate ISApiFilters associated with it, how HttpRuntime picks up a new object of HttpApplication and calls appropriate HttpHandlers; concepts on HttpHandlers, HttpModules and HttpPipeline, their usage etc.

In this final part of the session, I have discussed about the actual ASP.NET page life cycle, its events and their nature.

You can download the online session from
ASP.NET Page LifeCycle

If you find issues to run this video, please follow :

I am really thankful to entire DotNetFunda & Questpond team for their support and helping me out with a successful video session.

Please provide your feedback.
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David Rizzuto said...

Hi Abhishek,

I cant download this video. Can you please help.


Abhishek Sur said...

Yes actually the link I think needs authentication. The server doesnt allow you to download that freely.

I am looking into it. I hope this will be fixed very soon

Abhishek Sur said...

Hey David,

I have uploaded the same for all. You can download them now.

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