WPF Tutorial : Beginning to Layout, Content, Transformation

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As expected, I have to write the next part of the WPF tutorial Series. The article is all about Window, NavigationWindow, Controls, Panels, Canvas, InkCanvas, RenderTransformation and many more. I hope you all would like the article.

A Look on Window

While building your application, the first thing you notice is a Window. Window is the main class that interact with the user and produces the lifetime of windows and dialog boxes. Like in normal windows application, it produces the object windows using the normal API. A window has two sections.

  1. Non-Client Area : which displays the outer boundary of the window, that we normally see with any windows. The main parts of them are Icon, System Menu, a title Bar and Border.
  2. Client part : This is the main part where the WPF controls will appear. You can customize this area using WPF.

Types of Window

WPF window is of 3 types.
  1. Window : This is basically a normal windowed application, where every controls are placed within the same window. The window appears normally as I told you earlier. The Client area are fully customizable using XAML.
  2. NavigationWindow : This is a special type of window which is inherited from Windows but with a Navigation panel top of it. So if you want to create an application that makes sense when used as Wizards, you might better go with NavigationWindow.  You can also customize the navigation panel yourself so that it goes with your own look and feel.
  3. Page : Almost similar to NavigationWindow, the main difference is that, Page can be opened in Web Browser as XBAP applications. 

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