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I am sorry I forgot to mention that for the last few weeks, there are few more articles selected in As there were more and more articles are getting selected to Microsoft Community, it might annoy you if I post it everytime. But today, I saw one of my Blog post from this site is been posted to So, it is a great occasion to me that an article from my own blog has got selected as Article of the Day.

A few days back, I wrote one post in this site where I introduced a tool which will help you to create ResourceDictionary on the fly. The tool uses Bing Translate Services to fetch data from one language and translate to another and hence makes this readily available as ResourceDictionary of XAML application. You can read the article from :

Resource Generator Tool for Language Translate

Today, July 28, 2010, the article is listed to WindowsClient.Net.

For last few weeks the articles that are selected are :

Layout Panel Containers - & Layout Transformation
Design Patterns in C#

So, I am thinking to create a separate section in the site to list all the articles that are selected specially for Microsoft WebSites. I hope this would give more help to the visitors.

What do you think guys? Write your feedback.

Also thanks for all your support.  Thank you.
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