C# 5.0 vNext - Asynchrony in Synchronous flow style code

There is a buzz all around on the new way of doing asynchronous programming using async database modifier and await contextual keyword. Threading or Asynchronous style of programming is very useful at times but each of us faced a lots of problems though converting a Synchronous code to Asynchronous coding style. Asynchronous style of coding is not new to the framework. From the very beginning of the evolution of C# as a language we can do programs that may run in parallel. But was it simple enough? No ! Its not. The way of writing our very own asynchronous programs can be very complex at times when we are about to deal with exception handling. We could have lots of callbacks around for every single asynchronous calls, there might be few thread blocks around for network calls etc.

C# 5.0 takes this into consideration and orchestrate the style of coding to more like synchronous manner.

I have already introduced, the two new keywords async and await which was introduced with async CTP recently, but it was just a rough introduction to the fact (as I posted that on the same day). Now let me move a bit further in this world and go with more complete asynchronous style of coding.

I have put a lovely article for you in codeproject with few sample codes. Please try the link below to read the whole story around async and await :

C# 5.0 vNext - New Asynchronous Pattern

You can also download sample Code from

Sample-CodeAsync - 385KB

I hope you would like this article. Please give your comments and feedbacks.

Thank you.
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