First day experience with MVP Open Days

After not being talked for long, you might be thinking what will be coming next as article. Well, there are still quite a few topics in mind and some of few I have already started working, and will  be soon be coming to my blog; but for  now I am now very much excited to share what is happening with me in Microsoft MVP Open days I am here in Hydrabad with you, and I am sure you will also enjoy reading it.

So if you only want to look for some technical ones, I would recommend you to select some other post on the website which are entirely suit you. If you are in a mood to relax, you can go on reading this post and enjoy.

What is MVP Open Days ?

Being an MVP is always a great achievelt to me. The first day I got the notification that I got MVP I wonder what would be the benefits that I will get after being an MVP. Being an MVP is not only one of the prestigious award that one can get working on Microsoft technologies, it is something more. You get special previledges from microsoft to get in touch with product teams, you get all the microsoft softwares for free and also you are invited to some of the global events that microsoft is organizing. Well, you can say MVP Open Days is one of such an event. In MVP open days we have been invited to take part of discussions on very recent ideas of what Microsoft is going to do (dont ask me about it as its under NDA) but also has a chance to networking with some of the peoples whom you would have admired from the early days of your career. Being a part of this elite group, I cannot miss this opportunity to come to hyderabad and move on with the event.

Now if you are really looking to know more about MVP program or even want to know how to become one amongs us please take a look at this post.

Refresing the memories

MVP Open Day 1 started for me in a very sad mood. Once I wake up this morning, I was really upset about the weather. The weather in Kolkata was a turmoil. We have thunderstorm and raining in the morning, and was very worried if I could manage to attend the venue. But after I reach the venue (1 hr late) my face turned green. The very first thing that I saw coming to the event is one of discussion with Vijay Raj, Suprotim Agrawal, Pinal Dave etc. It was nice as we talked about some of the aspects that current trend of IE is going to improve.  The session went over with a nice lunch in Isita hotel where we were booked 3 days stay for free from Microsoft.

Once the lunch is over, we have the start of the day with lovely Keynote from Abhishek Kant. He discussed what are the do's and dont's that we have to follow in this whole event. BTW, Pinal has a nice blog on the same topic too.

After we had the session, we had a very nice session by a Microsoft guy on Software Piracy and policies Microsoft is going and will be going to take to prevent it. I liked this session and has some interaction to the person as well.

The next session put up to us is somewhat interesting. The team put a few topics over and let us make a presentation on it.Well being not prepared to deal with this, I had a real fun in handling the presentation.

Not all ends with a bang, but it did, really. I mean it. We had a dinner and dance party on the floor. Oops .... there is drinks, food, dance, and by the way, there is option for free caricature for all the MVPs. I have my own sketch painted as well, here you go.

Well, Being so tired, finally I went for the Graveyard session.

So thats all we had for today. Tomorrow will have a couple of more sessions from the product teams to us. I am looking forward to the event.

Yes it is a real fun being in hydrabad and spending time with Geeks. I love to be a part of it.

You can check the Album

Thanks microsoft for giving us this opportunity and also thanks to Abhishek kant and all other MVPs.
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