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Hi Friends,

As I have already told you that I have been publishing short tips in DailyDotnetTips regularly, it is time to share the links with you to keep you updated. Please read these short tips from me and give your feedback.

  1. Using ReaderWriterLock over Monitor for Thread Locking
  2. What is the use of IsBackground property of Thread?
  3. Co-Ordinated Thread Shutdown with and without using CancellationTokenSource
  4. Writing a Stretchable ContentControl in WPF
  5. What is Visual Tree and Logical Tree in WPF?
  6. Dealing with HWND in WPF
  7. Hosting a WPF control inside a Windows Form
  8. Accessing local assemblies in XAML
  9. Difference between a UserControl and a CustomControl
  10. Hosting a Windows Forms control inside a WPF
  11. Use x:Shared to write your FrameworkElements directly as Resource
  12. Use BitmapScalingMode to ensure your rendering of Image is perfect
  13. Object hierarchy of NULL
  14. Lazy Initializer to defer expensive Object creation in .NET 4.0
  15. Working with Co-Variance and Contra-Variance in .NET 4.0
  16. Using Complex Numbers in .NET 4.0
  17. Working with BigInteger in .NET 4.0
  18. Working with SortedSet in .NET 4.0
  19. Common Table Expressions in SQL Server
  20. Compiler directive #Pragma reference

So here are my last 20 short tips posted on DailyDotnetTips

I hope you will like these tips. For full list of all the tips and the latest updates, check this link

Happy Coding. 

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