Windows Phone 7.5 and F# - A book in the market

Hi Friends,

I am excited to announce that one of my friend cum MVP (Lohith) has written a pretty nice book on Windows Phone 7.5 using F# recently. I have given an honor to read the book from PacktPub and wanted to write a review of the same today.

Chapter wise review : 

1. Setting Up Windows Phone Development with F#.

This chapter gives an insight on Windows Phone and gives you an introduction on how to setup Windows Phone Development using F#.

2. F# Windows Phone Project Overview

This chapter demonstrates about Windows Phone Projects and creates a simple project using the Project templates.

3. Working with Windows Phone Controls 

This chapter gives insights on some of the common controls that you might use while developing day to day applications in Windows Phone. It also makes you familiar with F# language syntaxes as you go ahead and create the applications yourself.

4.  Windows Phone Screen Orientations

Screen orientations is a feature of any smart devices nowadays. This chapter gives an introduction on how screen orientation works in Windows Phone and creates applications that respond to Orientation changes.

5. Windows Phone Gesture Events 

A number of gestures discussed which are commonly used and created an application that responds to gestures.

6. Windows Phone Navigation

Navigation between different pages in Windows Phone is tricky. This chapter discusses some of the good ways of navigation between pages inside an app. The chapter clearly demonstrates the navigation techniques with the help of sample applications in this chapter.

7. Windows Phone and Data Access

Isolated Storage is one of the basic storage in Windows Phone. This chapter demonstrates how to use Isolated storage to store data inside an app. The author guides you with a simple application that can store and then retrieve the data stored in Isolated storage.

8. Launchers and Choosers

The chapter demonstrates various Launchers and Choosers in the application and gives sample code on how to use each of them.

9. Windows Phone Sensors

Any Windows Phone device you own will have multiple sensors associated with it. The Chapter demonstrates how to use Windows Phone Sensors inside your application with Sample code.


Overall, I like this book. Even though the book is for beginners, but it hits all the major parts and parcels of the code. It does not target to make you understand F# as a language, but it will get you through with building applications using F#. I would recommend this book if you want to build Windows Phone Applications using F#.


Thank you.

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