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Hi Guys,

After talking so much about tech stuffs, its time to relax a bit. Few days back I have told you guys that a site called www.dotnetfunda.com has launched a new competition for us. You can have a look into that post here. While sharing with you all those articles, I found few of them are pretty cool and many of my readers appreciated them. As a matter of fact, I win few prizes. Here are the prizes that I won :

1. IPod Shuffle / Videocon 1455 Phone

2. Free License from DevExpress

3. Free License from SmartOutline.

4. One Year Subscription from LearnVisualStudio.net

5. One year license from 10Tec. 

The prizes are nominated for "2nd Prize of Best Article" and "Maximum number of Good Articles".

I am really happy to receive these awards. I am thankful to Dotnetfunda.com, Sheo Narayan, and all my readers who like my posts. I hope I could produce more of these articles for you guys in near future.  Let us list the articles that might produced these prizes.

Articles : 

  1. WPF Tutorial - A Beginning
  2. Change Notification For Objects and Collections
  3. Design Pattern Implementation using C# 
  4. WPF Tutorial - Layout-Panels-Containers & Layout Transformation 2 
  5. Pluggable Styles and Resources in WPF with Language Converter Tool 
  6. WPF Tutorial - TypeConverter & Markup Extension 4 
  7. C# 2010 - A look 
  8. Lazy Initializer : C# 4.0

I hope you have already read those articles, if not, I would like you to read them. Thank you all.
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