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Hi guys,

Hope everyone is doing well. In this post I must mention that recently one of my article is been published to ASP.NET, the official Microsoft ASP.NET site. I am very pleased and thankful to everybody who supported me, especially my friend Abhijit Jana, and also Sheo Narayan and all the members of DotNetFunda Team. I also much congratulate codeproject as well, from where I started writing.

The article deals with the new concept of ASP.NET 4.0 which enables you to manipulate ClientId, the various mode on how you can handle these situations and also the way to make predictable clientID rendering.

You can read the whole article from :
ASP.NET 4.0 : Manipulate ClientID using ClientIDMode

I hope you will like this article as well.

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Venkadesh Ravichandran said...

Dear Abhi sir...

This article really good.. Keep continue ur lovable job...

I actually wants to know one thing...

Why Web Services will not run successfully from one configured system to another system?

What is the way to avoid this issue???

I'm waiting for ur next blog..

With Regards

Abhishek Sur said...

Well, What kind of web service you are talking about?
If you publish your web service to IIS, you need to configure it, so that it takes appropriate Application Pool area. Application pool is generally different for different version of framework, so it is important to configure if it not your default framework in your server. Notably, you can also try to create one installer if you need these configuration done automatically.

If you are talking about your client application, really I dont think this would be a problem. Generally client uses app.config to get the Web Service URL, and you dont need to compile the whole project if you didnt changed the WSDL of the service in the server.


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