Online Session on ASP.NET

I have just covered an Online session on "ASP.NET 4.0 in depth features" with Abhijit Jana for DotNetFunda.Com. If you were already there for the session, I hearty congratulate you people for your co-operation and also like you to join us in the concluding part of the session which will be declared later in the day.

In the session :

Things that we have covered already :
  1. Basic Introduction of ASP.NET 4.0 Features
  2. Visual Studio Enhancement Session
  3. Server Control Enhancements
  4. Search Engine Optimization
The session is not an end, We have lots of things to cover and probably we will fix a time later in the next week and update you the same. Stay Tune.

You can download Sample Applications that I showed : 

1. Routing Demo Application
2. Meta Tags and Parmanent Redirections

The sample video :

Download PPT, Sample Code & Video1
Download PPT, Sample Code & Video2

You can download the sample application and also run the PPT and Video from the link above. (Let me know if the link goes down.)

The Grayed items are already discussed, while others will be taken in the next session which will be announced shortly.

For reference Reading :

ASP.NET 4.0 WhitePapers

Thanks for being a part of the session.
Hope to see you soon.
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2 comments: ecommerce development said...

I have attended your previous session and waiting for next, as I like your way to describe such great topics. I would like to appreciate you for such great job. Keep posting! I am visiting this site regularly.

Abhishek Sur said...

Thank you. The next session is decided on 10th October. Be there. I am glad you liked the session.

Keep in touch.

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