Summary of Microsoft Community Tech Days - 28th November Kolkata

Yesterday(28th November 2010), we had our Session for Community Tech Days Kolkata, In association with Kolkata .NET community we have put our effort to produce few great Sessions from few great people. In this post, lets cherish those magical moments we had together (or if you missed).  Here is the Agenda :

Keynote by Abu Ismail :

During the early phaze of the Session, Abu had announced few lines on both Microsoft Community Tech Days and Kolkata.NET community Group (If you haven't Please join now). He had introduced us with the attendees as it was my first day in Community Tech Days.  He has also spoken about the entire agenda of the coming sessions and finally handed over to Abhijit to start his session on "Advanced .NET Debugging".

There was a large audience present in the conference as in the picture.

Abu Ismail has been Microsoft MVP from 2003, if you want to follow him, please visit his blog.

Advanced .NET Debugging with Visual Studio 2010 - Abhijit Jana

At 10:30 am sharp, we have started Advanced .NET Debugging with Visual Studio 2010. Abhijit Jana gave us few tips and tricks on advanced debugging features available with Visual Studio 2010. He showed the way of Remote Debugging, Intellitrace etc.  Few cool things that I thought could be interesting is the way to deal with Watch window even if the object is out of scope.

PPT for the Session

C# Async Functions vNext by Sankarsan Bose

After Refreshment session for 10 minutes, Sankarsan started with Async stuff available with C#. Being a masterpiece in C# he demonstrated few ways of coding available to do asynchronous programming like Event Based approach, Task Based Parallelism etc, and finally has put a relation on the new keywords Async and Await. Few cool things about the session is doing asynchronous programming with delegates with custom callbacks and also introducing Tasks to deal with Threads easily.

His blog for Latest Updates

Ribbon UI Control on WPF by Abhishek Sur

In this session, I started the overview of WPF and XAML. My session got a bit elaborate because of having more content. I more than 1 hour to complete the session. I have tried to convince people to choose WPF as their next generation Rich Applications with better UI and designs.

You can download Sample codes, PPT, and a Tutorial prepared by me from the link below : 

You can also look into my PPT here :

.NET Internals by Rajiv Popat

It was very nice session where Rajiv has demonstrated the "Inversion of Control" and the few ways to invert control using Interfaces and Delegates. Rajiv also took examples of few real world scenarios to demonstrate the concepts clear. The presenter actually created all the applications on the fly to demonstrate the concepts.
Rajiv also took opportunity to demonstrating Lambda Expression with the idea of Annonymous delegates. Overall the demonstration is nice.

Event Closure and Prize Distribution

Before the event closure the sponsor of the Prizes "Kovair" has demonstrated its products and finally prizes were distributed by Abu.

I have got "Best Blogger" award from KolkataNet and Microsoft. I am very happy to get this award. I was also awarded with few gifts from Kovair.

Microsoft Community Tech Days - 28th November

Thank you for attending the session.
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Zenwalker said...

Wow awesome abhi. Congrats. Sure i wish 2 stand in ur shoes some day :)

Abhishek Sur said...


You will do someday ... :)

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