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C# is a language which most of us like the most. I like to code in C# and want to delve deep into its internals. I wrote few posts too regarding Internals of C# language. Here in this post I am going to jot down all the links on Internal Series.for you. If you havent started reading them, its time to go on with it.

Internals of .NET Objects and use of SOS

Internals to C# Language Basics

Internals of Interface and its Implemention
Internals of LINQ
Internals of Events
Internals of Annonymous Method
Internals of Exception Handling
Internals of C# iterators
Internals to Convert and Cast
Internals to C# loops
Internals to Extension Methods
Internals to Delegates
Internals to Array

Internals of ValueType and Reference Types
Value Types and Reference Type : Under the Hood
Value Types and Reference Type : Under the Hood Part 2

ADO .NET internals 
Part 1
Part 2

Miscellaneous Entries

Internals to Code Contracts in .NET 4.0
Hidden Facts of C# structures in terms of MSIL
C# 5.0 vNext - Asynchronous Pattern Made Easy

I hope you did like the series. I will update the post as soon as there is any new post on the subject. Please stay tuned with me for more internals.

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Thanks for appreciating my posts.
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