Microsoft Tech Ed 2011 - 3 Days to Remember

Its already tuesday night to write a blog about last weeks Tech Ed 2011, but I remember each and every moment of the event so much. Microsoft Tech Ed is free for us (MVP) but paid for rest of the people. If you missed out this, you might like reading this post about it. In this post, I will cover some of the interesting facts points that TechEd showed us.

1. Connect

Tech Ed is a place where we connect with people. Being an Microsoft MVP, it is important for me to get in touch with other MVP's so that I could know the people who are experts in their respective field of interests. I am a bit nervous on the first day when I visited the Venue. Nice to see there is a special registration stall available only for us.

I thought, I would be all alone for the next 3 days, but there is somehow a hope and excitement that drive me crazy to know people in person. Just after I get in I saw Srawan Kumar. Its my wonder how he identified me but it is great to see him for the first time. Later, during the session, I meet with people like Pinal Dave, Anoop Madhusudan, Jacob Sabestian, Vinod Kumar, Lolith, Amit Bansal, Vijay Raj, Hima, and so on. The list is neverending. Connecting to people like them is a great achievement to me or even more.

Even if you are not an MVP, there is quite opportunity here to get in touch with people you admire the most, or to connect to industry leaders in person. Hence in terms of this, TechEd successfully does that in great extent.

2. Learn

The learning curve for the TechEd is sharp. You will get to know the latest technologies, from the best people you can. With the initial Registration kit, you will get the entire venue of all the sessions and tech - talks that will be available for you during all the three days ahead, and you can really follow these to know the things that interests you. The topics that I am keen to know and attended are HTML 5, Windows 7, Windows Phone 7, C#, or even Sharpoint. I really like most of the presenters who presented in front of me. The sessions are mostly interactive and with lots of demos and source code sharing.

For us being the MVPs, the learning curve is bit more sharp. We had an unique opportunity to get in touch with the Microsoft Product Teams in forms of Round Tables.  Yes,  I am now connected to people like Jason Zander, Yousef Khalidi, Brian Hall, Bharat Shyam, and so on. It is really a great achievement being a part of those sessions and talking with people like them.

I would like to thank Abhishek Kant and the whole Microsoft product Team to taking our feedback about their product and talking to us in person.

3. Explore

Not only the technical sessions and round tables, there are lot more for us. Microsoft being the huge production house runs numerous projects which we never come to know. There are workshop to showcase them to us. To name a few are Microsoft Robotics, Surface, Lync, Azure etc. You could discuss about the features available with these products or even talk about features, limits, feedback etc.

I can also see few 3rd party tools like Telerics, Pluralsight, Intel etc are also showcase in these events. Yes, these workshop also share goodies with us when we visit them. Isnt it cool by the way ?

Not only this, yet there are places for Free Microsoft Certifications available for all attendees.

There was nice food, arrangements etc for the huge number of people visited for the conference.

4. Evolve

Evolution is a thing that is much more personal to you. The entire 3 days sessions will give you a lot of knowledge, which you can take back to your home and use in rest of your career.

It is true, you will find people who foster their anger towards such events, but those are very few. The majority of people likes this event as I did, and credit should be given to majority of Microsoft Guys for putting all their efforts to make the event a success.

Moreover, there are lot more to share with you. But as few of my friends already put their efforts to write a little on the event, lets not repeat the same here :

The list would be neverending. 

Thank you for reading the post. Keep in touch. 
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Lohith said...

Hey Abhijit

Nice meeting you man. Looking forward to many more interation like this.


Pinal Dave said...

It was great to meet you Abhishek during the event. Hope to stay in touch with you.

Abhishek Sur said...

@Pinal Dave

Thank you Pinal. It is great to see your comment here.

Abhishek Sur said...


Lalit, you missed out my name. I am Abhishek Sur.

Lohith said...


Oops . sorry. Dur to some reason i am thinking of you as Abjijit Sur :) ... sorry Abhishek.


hima said...

Abhishek, Nice to meet you. Keep the same community work doing ! Rocking!!

Abhishek Sur said...


Thank you Hima.

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